Helsinki in April 2018

A really long time has passed since I last posted something here, but  this year I travelled twice  to Helsinki: in April and in October.  This first installment has some of the pictures taken in April, after the winter had finally ended. Most of the pictures are taken through a tram or bus window, so some pictures have some kind of reflection.
How I love these sea views!
The big ship  in the background.
A building on Annankatu (Anna's Street)
Ateneum in the front,
Annantalo (Anna's House)
There has to be at least one salmon picture....
New buildings
This was just before 1st of May, Vappu, which is a carnival type day in Finland.
A sunny day , and cafe tables are out on Esplanade street.
Esplanade  park street and the restaurant there.
At the market.
This old beautiful house:)
The Market Hall.
Church picture taken through the tram window.
Love the color of this building:)
Eira Hospital (my place of birth)
The tram was passing Kaisaniemi when I took this picture.
Karhupuisto (Bear Park)
Just before 1 st. of May.
The temporary building of Hakaniemi food hall,  while the original food hall is being renovated,

Next post here will be with pictures taken 6  months after these pictures.


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