maanantai 11. marraskuuta 2013

Some pictures of my summer in Finland 2013

I seem to have neglected this blog,but this summer I also spent some time in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland. I managed to pick some blueberries but fell into the swamp and lost most of the berries I had already picked.Luckily I was not alone,as  I could not have gotten out of the swamp by myself......
Did pick some raspberries as well.They were just getting ripe when I left...
At the countryside...sauna and lake
Spent some time in Kalasatama,a completely new residential area in Helsinki.
It is fascinating to see how a new area develops.Next summer this will look different...
Niilo.Such a sweet cat
Met the squirrel. We don't have those  here in Israel,although I have been told that there used to be some here too...
Beautiful Muuratsalo Island!
Visited beautiful Seurasaaari
Walked in the older parts of Helsinki;beautiful!
and saw some tall  ships....

lauantai 23. helmikuuta 2013

My summer 2012 in Finland

Last summer I spent almost a month in Finland. Here are some pictures of that month
I love squirrels!
The Kämp hotel in Helsinki
Last summer Helsinki celebrated its 200th year as the capital of FInland
I guess every tourist visiting Helsinki comes to see the Helsinki cathedral...
A house in Töölö
Such a beautiful view!
The Kamppi chapel of silence
I used to live nearby....
Smoked fish,yummy!
A lake in southern Finland
And an another one...