tiistai 8. marraskuuta 2011

Home smoked salmon

This summer I visited a good friend in Mikkeli,and she bought a home smoker,while I was there. Of course we had to try it right away,and thought that salmon would be delicious home smoked. A friendly neighbor gave us  good instructions how to use the smoker, as we did not really know how to use it.
Here it is after it had been smoked
I can't even describe how delicious it was.....

lauantai 29. lokakuuta 2011

An unusual shop

This summer a blogger friend introduced me to an unusual shop. What makes it so unusual is that the shopkeepers so trust their customers that they leave the shop  unmanned and the customer is the one who weights the products ,writes down the total sum and then puts the money into a box.
The fresh produce of Majvik's biodynamical  farm is sold in the shop.
You can find there  many ecological and organic products. 
When you buy vegetables or fruit you weight them yourself with this old fashioned kitchen scale!
A pretty flower pot outside the shop
The surrounding area is beautiful as well. I would love to visit this shop again!

torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

Pikku Huopalahti-Tiny Felt Bay ,a neighbourhood in Helsinki

Pikku Huopalahti is a neighbourhood in Helsinki,Finland,built in the  1980's and 1990's. The neighborhood is home to over 9000 people.
Pikku Huopalahti  is full of beautiful green areas and parks.
The main club house in the neighborhood is used by neighborhood committees and other organizations.It also houses art exhibitions.The building itself used to be the old railway station of the Tapanila neighborhood,but was transferred to Pikku Huopalahti.
The white building in the background is the former military hospital of Tilkka
Garden plots next to houses in Pikku Huopalahti;so lush in July when I visited there.
And this is where I used to live...I could see the bay from my balcony...

perjantai 30. syyskuuta 2011

Old Market Hall,Helsinki

The Old Market hall in Helsinki has been open since 1889.
Inside you can find delicious Finnish rye bread
Yummy salmon products
Also fresh produce and many more things
Finnish pies
Smoked fish

The Hakaniemi Market,Helsinki

The Hakaniemi market in Hakaniemi,Helsinki, first opened in 1897.
I was there in July,when you have strawberries everywhere...
Fresh produce
Cherries.Plastic snakes are used to scare thieving birds...
The tram station is just behind the market
The market cafe

The Market Square,Helsinki,Finland

The Market Square in Helsinki is a central square in the city,and a very popular place,with locals as well as with tourists.
Summer is the ideal time to visit this market.That is when you can find all kinds of berries,like blueberries
Or raspberries
Green peas are also a very popular snack in the summer
Fresh salmon and rainbow trout
Smoked fish
Fresh herbs
Some sell smoked fish from their own boats
You can board a sightseeing boat just next to the market
In the market area you can also buy reindeer fur products
and other souvenirs...
From the market square you can also see the big passenger ships sailing to Sweden.
The market square is close to the Helsinki Cathedral