An unusual shop

This summer a blogger friend introduced me to an unusual shop. What makes it so unusual is that the shopkeepers so trust their customers that they leave the shop  unmanned and the customer is the one who weights the products ,writes down the total sum and then puts the money into a box.
The fresh produce of Majvik's biodynamical  farm is sold in the shop.
You can find there  many ecological and organic products. 
When you buy vegetables or fruit you weight them yourself with this old fashioned kitchen scale!
A pretty flower pot outside the shop
The surrounding area is beautiful as well. I would love to visit this shop again!


  1. Mustikkatyttö;A lovely shop indeed,thanks:)

  2. Where can I find this lovely shop?;) Great photos, and large in size. Wish I could find out how to do that... on the other hand I'm fine how I am now. Only the comments from here still don't reach me:( Biting my nails, grinding my teeth, pulling my hair.. nothing helps:D

  3. Merike :the shop is in Majvik,Sipoo and the link there is in the text under the second picture. Blogger problems? Kun kirjoitat kommentin,siellä on linkki"tilaa sähköpostitse" sitä kautta pitäisi tulla ne kommentit.


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